Some fun DIY:s to do at home

When you’re quarantined, you need fun stuff to do.

Here are some the crafts I’ve made that you too can make at home. You only need some old books, newspaper, scraps or paper and maybe some pipe-cleaners (and if you want to go crazy with pipe-cleaners, there are lots of great resources on Pinterest!)

Make your own roses out of book pages. Or newspaper. Or whatever papers you have at home!

If you have pipe cleaners at home, you can make roses like these:



Make your own princess-crowns, and stroll around looking fabulous like these three princesses:


Make your own lovebirds out of whatever paper you have at home:


Fold an origami heart and send it to someone who needs a bit of love right now:


Decorate your window with hearts:


All these crafts and more can be found on my blog through the tag ”diy”.

Hopefully we can all stay calm and hopeful and help each other so that this whole situation solves itself as soon as possible, and with the least bit of casualties possible!


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