Self care and the care of others in the time of Coronavirus

Well, this turned out to be a much different March than I had thought! I’ve been sick on and off the last 6 months (several bouts of the shingles), and I tend to get asthma and my immune system is definitely down. We decided to voluntarily self quarantine and keep the kids away from school.

This dystopia we live in is so far not at all the way dystopias are usually described as in books and films. People are usually mean and selfish in those, but in real life, there are so many loving and giving people.

Here are some free online resources to help us all cope with the current situation:

2 months free yoga from the lovely do yoga with me-team

Parenting and Coronavirus Webinar – what choices should we make, how to talk to your kids about this whole situation


Skype a scientist

The Metropolitan Opera offers free streaming of some of their live performances



These two articles about health are really good:

Lifextension’s article

Examine’s article

We have upped our intake of probiotics in the form of kefir. Kefir can help stave off infections or make them milder.


Don’t forget to support small businesses as much as you can! We’re living in strange interesting times, that’s for sure, and how the world will look at the end of this is anyone’s guess. But what is certain is that we all create our future together, so let the love flow as much as you can!


P.S. If you have a great link to a free resource – please feel free to share it! My family and many more need everyday life in this very special situation to be a bit more fun, a bit more mindful and filled with gratitude!


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