DIY Holiday Animals

Here’s a fun way to recycle the kids’ old animal figurines – turn them into brand new fun and colorful decorations!

I placed all my materials and animals on the table and figured out what I wanted to do. This horse needed some tinsel, that deer needed a bell around its neck.

We made little packages from wrapping some folded newspaper in gift paper. Then I added some ribbons and glued the packages to the animals’ backs. 

As a last touch I glued fake snow all over the animals.

They look so cute! and are a really fun ornament as a sort of memento of the kids when they were little – they do grow up fast, and none of them even plays with toys any longer! (or almost)

I also got to use some of my most precious old ornaments, that I haven’t got the heart to throw out, but are too broken to use for anything else. This is the perfect opportunity to turn old scraps into something brand new and fancy!

…christmas-time is soon upon us! (and I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping – I can’t stand shopping in December…)


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