On sick leave

How do you take sick leave when you’re a self-employed stay-at-home parent? Not easily. But one thing’s for certain – it is much easier now than when the kids were younger! Now I at least get a few hours of rest when they’re at school. And they’re already grown so big! Next year all three of them will be teenagers.

I haven’t been ill for many years now, but this fall I got the shingles, and if I’d known beforehand how that would be like I would have vaccinated all three kids against chicken pox! It’s not a fun illness to have, especially afterward since my immune system seems to have taken a deep dive, and I’m getting colds and flu:s like never before. And high blood pressure. So now I’ve been putting myself on sick leave, consisting of lots of chicken soup, reading good books, playing computer games, trying to chill. No brisk walks for me until I get my nightly heart rate and HRV in order.

The kids have been co-operating quite a lot – we’ve been playing computer games or card games and they’ve helped with both decorating for Halloween and removing the decorations afterward. They’re really growing up a lot these days!

Now I’m off to enjoy yet another cup of delicious ginger tea – have a great Thursday!

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