Lovely summer

We had such a lovely summer, and I am glad it feels as if we still have a little bit of it left right now.

I’ve been walking barefooted through the woods, looking at nature and seeing so many different birds. They don’t scare as easily when you walk quietly!

sometimes it can feel a bit stuffy living in a small town. Other times it is just as idyllic as it looks!

An impressive slug I met on a walk in the woods

Midsummer = sunshine and roses!

Niklas built an outdoors gym for us. It’s been in good use all summer.

Our kids got to visit an amusement park for the first time in their lives. (Or rather – for the fortieth or something, but they were babies when we lived in Copenhagen and went to Tivoli so many times, so they don’t count) They loved it! Us grownups got to have dinner at the really fancy restaurant at the top of the tower.

I much rather just watch than ride those contraptions!

We built a new cage for the rabbits – unfortunately said rabbits aren’t yet the best of friends, and the cage remains mostly unused! But next year it will be filled with bunnies, I’m sure.

We also went for a walk in Kurjenrahka national park – it was an amazing place, and I’m sure we’ll visit it more often in the future!

we also had some birthday parties, with really tasty healthy cakes!

New hairstyles – also a hit! I’m definitely doing crochet braids again – they were so easy to do, and it looks so good!

Beans and lettuce – we’ve eaten so much good food this summer!

And bunnies!

I think we’ve saved hundreds of euros worth of money in growing and eating our own lettuce.

All in all it was a really good summer. Lots of time spent outdoors, homegrown food, walks together or alone, lots of swimming – really, really nice.

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