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Glendalough – so beautiful and calm!

We went for a lovely walk when visiting Glendalough – a glacial valley in County Wicklow, Ireland.

First stop, a monastery with an old cemetery.

The cemetery is still in use, new headstones mixing with old.

We walked around the lakes, a really lovely walk along broad pathways.

We passed some sheep. I have no idea how many sheep we saw while on Ireland! So many sheep everywhere, and cattle and horses and donkeys…!

Finally we ended up at the Miner’s village. They mainly used to process ore here, not mine as much.

It was a really wonderful day, with just the right amount of sun and clouds!

This landscape reminded me a lot of home, where we have a lot of rocks left behind by the glaciers.

Far too soon it was time to go back to the bus – a really lovely walk chatting with friends from the group, and a wonderful day to remember!




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