A house for Hansel & Gretel

If this house won’t lure Hansel and Gretel, then I don’t know what will! My kids absolutely love this house, and can’t wait to eat it!

Here’s how to make it:

Print out the templates.

I drew the house onto plain cardboard and scanned the pieces, so they’re a bit wobbly in the edges, but just ignore that and cut straight edges!

Bake all the parts of the house. Cut out the door and save. Cut another piece just like the door if you want a portico above the door. Make a large oval piece of gingerbread for the house to stand on.

You can leave the back of the house without windows or anything. I cut out a small opening for a string of fairy lights.

Melt some crushed candy in the microwave and fill in the windows of the house while the gingerbread pieces are still lying flat.

Decorate the sides of the house. Let the icing set. Use royal icing to glue the pieces to each other. Let the icing between the sides and gables set before you put on the roof using a bit more royal icing.

Now for the fun part – pipe or spread royal icing all over the roof. Put the chimney in its place. Decorate the roof using cookies and candies. I baked gingerbread cookies beforehand, but you can easily use store bought cookies.

Adhere the portico using some royal icing and fasten two pieces of candy cane underneath it with some royal icing.

Pipe some decorative edges along the roof and the portico.

Spread royal icing all around the house on the gingerbread ground and decorate using assorted candies, candy canes and lollipops. Stick the lollipops into pieces of marshmallow for extra support.


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