Where I find my peace


”Carpe Diem” said my dad’s sleep app today, and when you really want to carpe the diem – this is the place to do it!

There is something so soothing in nature. Peace and quiet seeps into you whether you want it or not – you can’t just not relax when surrounded by so much beauty.

I go on my walks and enjoy seeing the way nature changes during the year.

Right now there is so much yellow everywhere, but in just a few days time that will change to brown.

I found an abandoned swan egg the other day – a pair of swans have their nest nearby, so this is probably one of theirs that didn’t make it.

It was just so beautiful though. I love seeing little things like this, seeing squirrels chase each other or swans nesting or even bird carcasses – there are traces of the life cycle everywhere.

We are so fortunate to live so near nature. Spending time in the garden is great – spending time in the woods is even greater.

The tranquility seeps in, and I need that so much.

I’m also looking forward to using my new Oura-ring that I finally, finally got today! (after 9 months!) It’s a sleep tracker that hopefully will help me get better sleep, and I look forward to seeing what my daily walks are doing to my all around health.


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