Pseudopod – one of my favorite podcasts

Once upon a time I thought I wasn’t a fan of horror. Then I started thinking about it, and well, seeing as I both watch and read horror I was deceiving myself. I am in fact an omnivore when it comes to books, reading everything from genre literature (romance, westerns, detective stories) to literary fiction. And I do love horror, especially writing it!

I read both traditional books, on an e-reader and listen to books, and when I started writing short stories I needed inspiration. The best place for stories that captured my imagination turned out to be Pseudopod. Pseudopod is a high quality podcast that features horror short stories of a varying kind. Some are chilling, some are creepy, some are more scary. All are interesting to listen to. I think about many of them for days, and ponder the question that they pose.


My favorite Pseudopod episodes are

1. Granite Requires by T.J. Berry – such a wonderful language in this one! Such an odd world that you get sucked into.

2. The Jamcoi by J.M. McDermott – a horrifying take on preparing non-vegetarian meals

3. Meat by Sandra M. Odell – this one really had me hooked! It was just… a perfect horror story!

4. The Fear by  Richard Harland – there was something so alluring about this one. I wished it would go on forever, and then I didn’t

5. Flat Diane by Daniel Abraham – really evocative and really grabbed at my parental heart. It was just awful, in a good way!


Go check out Pseudopod if you want to explore new worlds of horror!

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