DIY Cherry blossoms

Right about this time every year I start longing for cherry blossoms. Unfortunately it will be a while before we have our own, so I decided to make some for myself.

I took two layers of flower petals (you can buy them ready cut or cut them yourself using a cutter or a pair of scissors), threaded some artificial pistils through the hole in the middle and glued the flower to the branch.

My handy glue gun – we go back along way!

I kept gluing and gluing and gluing (and listening to a lecture on youtube all the while – multitasking is the best!)

The finished branch brings some much needed springtime into our living room!

I love cherry blossoms – they are just like a little piece of happiness

…as I looked through the pictures, I realized I had forgotten to remove all the strings of glue! That can easily be remedied with a hot air gun.

Pink flowers against our gray walls – just what I like!


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