Bathroom details

We started off the kids’ winter vacation by cleaning the house – and it will hopefully turn into a tradition, because oh, does it feel good to have a clean house for once! Aside from that, Niklas and I both finished a lot of unfinished projects around the house, including installing hooks and hanging artwork. Little projects like that, that sometimes seem to add up, and then when you’re finally finished with them you wonder why you ever put them off.

I found this bag at a thrift shop, and it fits perfectly in our bathroom, concealing stuff I don’t want to have lying around, but still need to have access to.

This African painting is also a thrift store-find. I wish I knew who the artist was, or which country it was made in!

The malachite figurines I bought in South Africa fit in perfectly with the green-blue color scheme.

The bathroom has already from the start felt like ours, but it feels even more so now!


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