A glimmering Christmas tree

The Christmas Tree is dressed, waiting for Christmas and all of a sudden our house is transformed.

I didn’t get the Nordic memo, so our tree is a glittering plastic one (also: I’m allergic! I am so glad there are alternatives to real trees)

Our kids get to draw on a bauble to commemorate Christmas. I used to have this idea of buying a new ornament every year, but this is a much cheaper and easier solution, and one that I love more.

The star on the top of a tree got a tweak in the form of a crocheted star that I made.

There are a lot of cords behind this tree, and I hide them with this decoration that I made of an old wine box plus a lot of glittery items.

The pine cones were from my grandmother’s tree. I dipped them in silver and hang them using fishing wire.

The ornaments are a mix of old, new, glass, plastic and DIY

My favorite ones are the birds that I made using pictures that my dad took.

The gold star with the angel is the very first ornament I got when I was little.

Here’s to a happy Christmas!

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