DIY Princesses at Dusk

One summer day we had a visit from two princess sisters and did a photo shoot.

We started with a picnic in an apple orchard.

This apple tree was amazingly beautiful! I played here when I was little

It’s a great place to play hide and seek!

It’s especially fun to play hide and seek while wearing princess dresses!

Everything is upcycled and made by me. All the skirts are old curtains that were flea market finds.

The pink flowers are a bit of lace that I’ve dyed. The gold flowers are made out of gold tulle.

it was so lovely at dusk

The girls got to borrow my rings and they were sitting so prettily holding onto tiny tea cups

Lovely ladies picnicking


I made the crowns out of pipe cleaners and flowers. The massive necklace has been on other photo shoots before. It took a lot of time to sew!

It was such a fun evening!


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