DIY Vesica Piscis necklace

I think I’ve found my way of relaxing – bead embroidery! It is just so relaxing to make those repetitive movements, and also to watch as something beautiful grows before your eyes. 

This necklace was inspired by the Vesica Piscis, the intersection of two circles. It’s been an esoteric symbol for the feminine for centuries, and used in art in all forms, sort of like a western version of the Yin and Yang-symbol (which also incorporates the Vesica Piscis).

I used three old necklaces for this one. One long beaded one that I sewed into place, and a long chain that I shortened and used for one of the circles. Then I filled in the spaces with loads and loads of assorted glass beads.

Three black skulls hang as a sort of Memento Mori at the bottom of the necklace. I had three Swarovski beads left, that I used on top of the skulls to add some bling.

I like that old habit of adding skulls to things, kind of like the Roman slave that stood behind the emperor during a Triumph and whispered: Remember that you are mortal. When you make something beautiful you should always remember that everything is fleeting, and just as ephemeral as  the Buddhist mandala artwork.

That’s why I love mixing skulls in with the pretty things in our home – nothing lasts forever, but sometimes forever lasts for a lifetime in your mind if you just remember to appreciate it.

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