Glittery skull DIY

I’ve several times talked about how much I love Aunt Peaches and what she does, and ever since she showed her Liberace-pumpkins I’ve itched to have something like that myself! This years sparkly pumpkins were even better (more sparkles! more everything!) and really tickled my crafty nerves.

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This year I had already stocked up with a few small plastic pumpkins, but also this hideous skull, that looks better in the picture but was really fake looking in real life.

Everything gets better with a little bit of glitter, in my opinion! Or a lot!


I started on my skull (my skull! 😀 You know what I mean!) and painted it black. Then I started gluing glittery stuff on it – whatever I could find and liked.

Then I realized – I had subconsciously been inspired also by these skeletons, the catacomb saints. I read about them a while ago, and I just had  to look at the pictures over and over again. Such a fascinating story, and such a shame that many of them by now have ended up as landfill. Some nuns were once upon a time as fond of glittery stuff as I am, and really took the time to sew lovely clothes for the bones.


My skull isn’t as ornately decorated, but I love it nonetheless! It gives our Halloween season the right sort of glamour and glitz in my opinion!


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