DIY Gingerbread flowers with candy centers

This year I experimented a bit while baking gingerbread cookies.

I cut out a circle in the middle of each flower. I placed a hard candy in the circle and baked the cookies. The candy melted and formed a pink center.

When the cookies had cooled, I piped white decorations. Easy and fun, and the kids love the cookies!

And I love this – being able to have a hyacinth at home! I am usually too allergic to stand their fragrance, but nowadays I feel so much better that I can finally have some natural Christmas scent around!


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DIY Clay Ornaments

These are so easy and fun to make!

The perfect addition to any Christmas present.

I made them using cookie cutters. I cut out the big heart, then the smaller one in the middle and a hole for the string and the jingle bell.

Just add a red and white string, and presto – instant Christmas magic!

They look great as ornaments on the Christmas trees, or just about anywhere. I put them on most of the parcels we give out this time of year.

Some of them are textured. I used a piece of tulle when rolling out the dough. It makes for a nice structure.

Some I’ve textured using an old flower-stamp. Easy to make, and add so much more festive feeling to any parcel! I love home-made decorations!


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DIY Christmas Angel with Jingle Bells

This year I kind of got addicted to self-hardening clay! I wanted to make some angels, to go with the small jingle-bells I’ve got stored in so many small containers in my craft room

I made a template out of a piece of cardboard, and tried out different kinds of bells that I had lying around.

The angels is supereasy to make – just roll out a piece of self-hardening clay, cut out the angel. Make two holes for the string on top of the angel, and another one for the bell.

I added the bell using a small piece of wire. Plus red and white string to use for hanging it.

Here’s the template if you too want to make an angel or two!


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