Lycka och fotografering

Det är så roligt att göra såna här fotograferingar! Vi får riktigt bre ut oss kreativt och flickorna får leva in sig i sina roller och riktigt njuta av att springa omkring och vara prinsessor

Och jag – jag njuter både när jag står bakom kameran och när jag kollar igenom bilderna efteråt! Ibland fångas de riktigt lyckliga ögonblicken på bild!


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DIY Cherry blossoms

Right about this time every year I start longing for cherry blossoms. Unfortunately it will be a while before we have our own, so I decided to make some for myself.

I took two layers of flower petals (you can buy them ready cut or cut them yourself using a cutter or a pair of scissors), threaded some artificial pistils through the hole in the middle and glued the flower to the branch.

My handy glue gun – we go back along way!

I kept gluing and gluing and gluing (and listening to a lecture on youtube all the while – multitasking is the best!)

The finished branch brings some much needed springtime into our living room!

I love cherry blossoms – they are just like a little piece of happiness

…as I looked through the pictures, I realized I had forgotten to remove all the strings of glue! That can easily be remedied with a hot air gun.

Pink flowers against our gray walls – just what I like!


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Prinsessor i Kuriren

Ibland blir man bara så glad in i själen, och det blir jag alltid då jag har nåt att göra med de härliga typerna som jobbar på Kuriren! (Kuriren = svenskfinlands veckotidning)

Jag har en artikel med i senaste numret (finns att köpa i diverse butiker i Finland) med bilder på ”mina” flickor när vi gjorde prinsessfotograferingar – det var så roligt! Vi fick så härliga minnen och hade det så skoj tillsammans!

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DIY Fairy crown

I sometimes get the urge to produce something creatively with my hands, and what often comes out of that are crowns of all sorts. This one feels like a fairy crown, with all the little foresty details.

I started by making a crown frame using brown wire with these little red buds. I rummaged through my craft materials and chose flowers and lace and stuff that complemented each other.

I glued on some glittery pieces of jewelry that I’ve had in store for years, but not found a use for.

A doily in center stage, surrounded by flowers and glitter.

I also glued on a trio of butterflies. I love the gray against the red and coral!

There’s even a bird on this crown – perhaps a really tiny fairy bird who loves the flowers growing around the crown?

It felt so good to do something with my hands! And later on this spring, perhaps the crown will feature in an impromptu photo shoot if I find the inspiration.


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DIY Chocolate eggs

Some of us have dietary restrictions, but it might be fun to get a chocolate egg despite that.

I made a chocolate egg that I filled with a lego toy for one of our kids, using chocolate that is without any of the ingredients that he is allergic to.

Egg molds can be found online or at specialty stores that sell cake decorating supplies.

You should temper the chocolate if you want it to have a nice sheen, but since my eggs were all for kids who don’t care a bit how the chocolate looks, I just ignored that and microwaved the chocolate.

The egg turned out really great, and I hope the surprise on the inside will please the receiver!

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DIY Decoupaged letter

I’ve had this wooden letter B hanging around our house for a long while, ever since I found it in a thrift shop.  I finally got around to decoupaging it when I was going through my stack of pretty papers.

I cut a lot of paper strips and glued them to the wooden letter using decoupage glue.

The glue also works as a sealer, which is great – you don’t need to seal it separately.

It’s pretty and suits our family perfectly, and now I get to look at pieces of all my favorite papers every day.


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DIY Meditation pillow

I’ve been meditating for a while, and though I like to sit on a chair and meditate, or meditate out in the woods (can be uncomfortable or cold this time of year!) or sitting in my bed, I also sometimes want to just sit on the floor. But that position is not too good for long time meditating, which made me google meditation pillows. I found these instructions and made a pillow out of an old curtain fabric (a thrift shop find) and some gray fabric for pants that I got from my grandmother ages ago and never got around to do anything with. They turned out perfect for this project!

I used dried peas and cotton as filling, which works well because I get the stability I want from the peas, and softness from the cotton. The pillow also works perfectly for me when I sit and write. I still have aches after giving birth almost 15 years ago, and I usually have one of those plastic ergonomics pillows, but this one feels even better. This one I can mold until it is just the right fit for me.


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