The Granny blanket in its environment

Today I’ll show you a bit of the latest Granny blanket in its natural habitat – my study!

I gave it to Niklas and he uses it to warm himself while he is watching films with me, sitting in this old rocking chair. The rocking chair is more than a hundred years old, and very comfortable!

Behind it, my cupboard where I store many of the materials I use to make jewelry, costumes and other things. In the picture you can also see a glimpse of the blanket I’m working on, this one crocheted with black borders.


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Glittery felt hearts

These are technically Christmas ornaments, but since they’re heart-shaped, I’m pretending they’re Valentine’s decorations for the moment!

I drew a basic shape freehand on the felt heart.

Then I embroidered using a yellow silk thread plus green thread for the base.

I added glass beads for some extra sparkle.

They’re looking rather pretty hanging from one of my windows. Later on this year they’ll be hanging on the Christmas tree! 2 in 1 🙂

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DIY Heart-shaped wreath

This flowery wreath adds a bit of springtime to the Valentine’s celebration.

I started with a heart-shaped foundation made out of metallic wire(you can buy ready-made, or make your own just by twisting together wires).

Then I added lots of flowers and leaves from old candle rings and bits of odd flowers I’ve picked up here and there.

A pink bird topped it all off.

Flowery and springtime:y, and heart-shaped. And so easy and fun to do!



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DIY Paper Love Birds

A flock of pretty birds are flying through our house these days.

I made the birds out of silver colored paper. They each carry a glittery heart in their beaks.

After cutting out the bird, I made decorative holes in the wings using a hole punch.

I also made three birds out of more colorful paper. They fit perfectly on the small window of my study.

The silver love birds whirl and twirl as you walk by.

And the glittery hearts add just the right amount of spark! Love birds, sending messages of love to everyone in need.

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DIY Winter wreath with felt flowers

I wanted a new wreath for our door, so I made one out of branches from the garden. I just cut off branches of some bush or other (don’t remember the name!), formed them into a wreath and wrapped some metal string around them.

I made flowers out of felt. I cut out the petals one by one from an old piece of felt that I saved (some old piece of clothing). I glued them onto each other, wrapped around the ”bud” just like a real flower. Then I glued them all to the wreath using a glue-gun.

Felt sort of feels appropriate for this time of year. We have no snow in sight, so this wreath is actually perfect for this season, bare branches and all!


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New DIY-lights

I was feeling like I always feel when I put the Christmas ornaments in storage – like there was something missing. So I made some new lights for the windows, to keep a little bit of the Christmas spirit with us post-Christmas.

They’re really pretty, and light up the room just right!

I made them by folding paper and gluing it together.

They’re really four hearts that are glued together! Pretty both when lit or when not.

It’s a cheap and fun way to switch out your lamps – just fold some new ones



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