On sick leave

How do you take sick leave when you’re a self-employed stay-at-home parent? Not easily. But one thing’s for certain – it is much easier now than when the kids were younger! Now I at least get a few hours of rest when they’re at school. And they’re already grown so big! Next year all three of them will be teenagers.

I haven’t been ill for many years now, but this fall I got the shingles, and if I’d known beforehand how that would be like I would have vaccinated all three kids against chicken pox! It’s not a fun illness to have, especially afterward since my immune system seems to have taken a deep dive, and I’m getting colds and flu:s like never before. And high blood pressure. So now I’ve been putting myself on sick leave, consisting of lots of chicken soup, reading good books, playing computer games, trying to chill. No brisk walks for me until I get my nightly heart rate and HRV in order.

The kids have been co-operating quite a lot – we’ve been playing computer games or card games and they’ve helped with both decorating for Halloween and removing the decorations afterward. They’re really growing up a lot these days!

Now I’m off to enjoy yet another cup of delicious ginger tea – have a great Thursday!

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Our lunches

We made some lifestyle changes a while ago, mainly to eat more greens at every meal. In general, we eat Pegan (paleo + vegan, i.e. lots and lots of veggies and greens, and unprocessed food in general), and it has had a tremendous effect!

Niklas has lost more than 15 kg in a short while, just by switching his diet! We can trace the date when we switched diets because his HRV-curve also changed. No weight-change for me though, because my problems are of another kind (my organism needs less stress, which I’m working on through supplements, FIR-sauna and meditation), but our whole family is so much more healthier now that we upped the veggies. And we used to always have salads with every meal, so it’s not as if we started from none!

We’ve ”cooked” a lot of the recipes in this particular book – the beet salad is so delicious! (I think the book is translated at least into Swedish, but the original is in Danish)

We try to always have different sorts of greens and salads at the table at lunchtime.

”Mom, we eat just as fancy as people do in restaurants!” said one of my kids the other day.

I go out in the garden and harvest fresh herbs whenever we can. Oregano, thyme, mint, chives and lemon balm. They make any salad taste great, and are so nutritious!

We also sprinkle seeds on our salads, plus some good olive oil.

Sometimes we have a bit of sweet potato roasted in the oven, or freshly picked potatoes. Most of the time we simply eat greens and a bit of roasted chicken breast, or just an egg. It’s a diet that tastes so great, that you can vary so much and never tire of, and that your body will love!


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Sometimes solutions are simple. But not easy.

At times I seem to forget how to “human”, and when people talk about their problems or say that they don’t know what to do about something I forget that most people really just want to vent. Instead I answer with a solution (you know, just like the classic “man” when some women joke about men wanting to solve all their problems instead of just listening. I do that too.). This is because of my dominant mental function, Extrovert Thinking, which makes me want to find solutions to just about anything.

This also makes me want to do stuff all the time, like _all_ the time. Being sick and forced to lie in bed doing nothing feels almost like torture, because I feel like I’m not myself if I’m not doing something. And then I sometimes answer questions online, because I forget that other people don’t want solutions – they want to vent, as I said, and I get misunderstood because people don’t see my intention. They only see that I’m giving them a solution, that they maybe didn’t want in the first place.

Here’s the thing – most of the time the solutions to your problems are simple. Most people’s medical issues are for example caused by stress. And there are simple solutions to lowering your stress levels: 1. Mediation 2. Eating better 3. Focusing on sleep 4. Focusing on relationships 5. Getting exercise and other things like that.

None of those solutions are easy! All are simple – “just do it”. But just doing it is not easy. It is not easy to start a meditation practice! It is not easy to start eating healthy, especially if you have no idea where to start. It is not easy to get better sleep. All of it is simple – there is information out there about how to do all of those things (and people like I actually enjoy helping people with these things). None of it is easy.

Like it is really simple how to run a marathon – just start running and keep on running. But it is not easy!

So when I sometimes tell people “this can help” I always, always, know that it is not easy, despite being simple. Also – if anyone wants a meditation buddy or just encouragement to keep going, reach out to someone with Extrovert Thinking like an ENTJ like me, or an ESTJ or an ENFP. Chances are high that they want to help you, and will be there walking you through whatever it is you need help with in your life!

P.S. This is also why I sometimes get a bit annoyed when people think I have it so easy – yes, I’ve achieved a lot, and know a lot, and am good at a lot of things, but I’ve worked so hard at everything! Nothing is free, I’ve worked for everything. All of it simple things that most people can do, but not easy. It’s the easy-part that sometimes divides people into people who do and people who don’t. Some people get scared of things that aren’t easy. I run toward stuff like that (again, because of my personality).

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Lovely mint

Mint is one of our favorite herbs, and it grows like crazy in our garden! The leaves are really large and fragrant, and I love that we almost have a whole flower border filled with mint.

I used to dry herbs in little bunches, but they never dried well enough. Nowadays I dry them like this on a piece of newspaper.

When they are dried, I store them in a bowl in the kitchen, ready to be used in anything – a smoothie, a casserole, a salad. Almost any food really.

Before drying I sometimes pick a whole bunch of mint, just to have this lovely fragrant bouquet in the kitchen. Perfect for teas and sore throats and hungry bunnies!



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There once was a bouquet of flowers

Jerusalem artichoke flowers to be specific. And they were really lovely! And really edible, according to the bunnies who somehow managed to get up on the table and eat all of this loveliness!

(I forgot to take a picture as I cleaned up the mess – the bunnies were superhappy, they got to munch on leaves and flowers undisturbed the whole night!)


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