Walking in my winter wonderland

I’m back, sort of! Didn’t plan to just stop blogging, but sometimes life just happens.

This is what winter should look like! Snow everywhere, sun shining through glimmering trees. Walking alone in the woods is so much bliss in wintertime! (and all year around, for that matter)

Unfortunately these are pictures from a few months back when we had a week of real winter! Ever since then we’ve had what I call a ”Danish winter” – lots of rain, lots of wind. Almost no snow.

I go for my walks and think about things. We’ve gone through so many useful things lately, much that I want to share with you here. But first I need to find the energy somewhere!

and this certainly invigorating! I love walking barefoot outdoors, and I loved walking on snow. I also love walking through mud, so I’m sort of happy with our lack of snow this winter! …and my feet, they love it too! They have never been so smooth, or felt this healthy!


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DIY Christmas Angel with Jingle Bells

This year I kind of got addicted to self-hardening clay! I wanted to make some angels, to go with the small jingle-bells I’ve got stored in so many small containers in my craft room

I made a template out of a piece of cardboard, and tried out different kinds of bells that I had lying around.

The angels is supereasy to make – just roll out a piece of self-hardening clay, cut out the angel. Make two holes for the string on top of the angel, and another one for the bell.

I added the bell using a small piece of wire. Plus red and white string to use for hanging it.

Here’s the template if you too want to make an angel or two!


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On sick leave

How do you take sick leave when you’re a self-employed stay-at-home parent? Not easily. But one thing’s for certain – it is much easier now than when the kids were younger! Now I at least get a few hours of rest when they’re at school. And they’re already grown so big! Next year all three of them will be teenagers.

I haven’t been ill for many years now, but this fall I got the shingles, and if I’d known beforehand how that would be like I would have vaccinated all three kids against chicken pox! It’s not a fun illness to have, especially afterward since my immune system seems to have taken a deep dive, and I’m getting colds and flu:s like never before. And high blood pressure. So now I’ve been putting myself on sick leave, consisting of lots of chicken soup, reading good books, playing computer games, trying to chill. No brisk walks for me until I get my nightly heart rate and HRV in order.

The kids have been co-operating quite a lot – we’ve been playing computer games or card games and they’ve helped with both decorating for Halloween and removing the decorations afterward. They’re really growing up a lot these days!

Now I’m off to enjoy yet another cup of delicious ginger tea – have a great Thursday!

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Our lunches

We made some lifestyle changes a while ago, mainly to eat more greens at every meal. In general, we eat Pegan (paleo + vegan, i.e. lots and lots of veggies and greens, and unprocessed food in general), and it has had a tremendous effect!

Niklas has lost more than 15 kg in a short while, just by switching his diet! We can trace the date when we switched diets because his HRV-curve also changed. No weight-change for me though, because my problems are of another kind (my organism needs less stress, which I’m working on through supplements, FIR-sauna and meditation), but our whole family is so much more healthier now that we upped the veggies. And we used to always have salads with every meal, so it’s not as if we started from none!

We’ve ”cooked” a lot of the recipes in this particular book – the beet salad is so delicious! (I think the book is translated at least into Swedish, but the original is in Danish)

We try to always have different sorts of greens and salads at the table at lunchtime.

”Mom, we eat just as fancy as people do in restaurants!” said one of my kids the other day.

I go out in the garden and harvest fresh herbs whenever we can. Oregano, thyme, mint, chives and lemon balm. They make any salad taste great, and are so nutritious!

We also sprinkle seeds on our salads, plus some good olive oil.

Sometimes we have a bit of sweet potato roasted in the oven, or freshly picked potatoes. Most of the time we simply eat greens and a bit of roasted chicken breast, or just an egg. It’s a diet that tastes so great, that you can vary so much and never tire of, and that your body will love!


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