This is paradise, no matter the weather

I miss my happy place!

I haven’t been able to go for my long walks in nature for a while, and boy do I miss it!

You just can’t help but become relaxed when you walk in such surroundings!

I mean, there’s lots to say about having a pretty home, or even just a room of your own. But nothing compares to nature! 

I think I would miss the water if I lived somewhere a long way from the coast or the lakes. We are truly lucky us who get to live in ”the land of a thousand lakes”!


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DIY Winter wreath with felt flowers

I wanted a new wreath for our door, so I made one out of branches from the garden. I just cut off branches of some bush or other (don’t remember the name!), formed them into a wreath and wrapped some metal string around them.

I made flowers out of felt. I cut out the petals one by one from an old piece of felt that I saved (some old piece of clothing). I glued them onto each other, wrapped around the ”bud” just like a real flower. Then I glued them all to the wreath using a glue-gun.

Felt sort of feels appropriate for this time of year. We have no snow in sight, so this wreath is actually perfect for this season, bare branches and all!


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New DIY-lights

I was feeling like I always feel when I put the Christmas ornaments in storage – like there was something missing. So I made some new lights for the windows, to keep a little bit of the Christmas spirit with us post-Christmas.

They’re really pretty, and light up the room just right!

I made them by folding paper and gluing it together.

They’re really four hearts that are glued together! Pretty both when lit or when not.

It’s a cheap and fun way to switch out your lamps – just fold some new ones



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Walking in my winter wonderland

I’m back, sort of! Didn’t plan to just stop blogging, but sometimes life just happens.

This is what winter should look like! Snow everywhere, sun shining through glimmering trees. Walking alone in the woods is so much bliss in wintertime! (and all year around, for that matter)

Unfortunately these are pictures from a few months back when we had a week of real winter! Ever since then we’ve had what I call a ”Danish winter” – lots of rain, lots of wind. Almost no snow.

I go for my walks and think about things. We’ve gone through so many useful things lately, much that I want to share with you here. But first I need to find the energy somewhere!

and this certainly invigorating! I love walking barefoot outdoors, and I loved walking on snow. I also love walking through mud, so I’m sort of happy with our lack of snow this winter! …and my feet, they love it too! They have never been so smooth, or felt this healthy!


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