The Granny blanket in its environment

Today I’ll show you a bit of the latest Granny blanket in its natural habitat – my study!

I gave it to Niklas and he uses it to warm himself while he is watching films with me, sitting in this old rocking chair. The rocking chair is more than a hundred years old, and very comfortable!

Behind it, my cupboard where I store many of the materials I use to make jewelry, costumes and other things. In the picture you can also see a glimpse of the blanket I’m working on, this one crocheted with black borders.


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The gingerbread house that was

one of the things I love most about gingerbread houses is that they are made for eating.

And one fine day when the feeling is just right, the house gets smashed and ruined!

Edible art at its best, and it wouldn’t be so delicious if it wasn’t for the fact that it has been standing there looking pretty and enticing.

A reminder of how fragile everything is – we just see the destruction of some things a little bit quicker.

And there is something beautiful also in ruins!

The gingerbread ruin – not made to be a ruin, but that’s how it turned out!

And I kind of like it. It makes room for us to make another house next Christmas. The little tomte has definitely moved out! But I have a suspicion he, and his friends, might move back into our house in ten months’ time or so!



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Glittery felt hearts

These are technically Christmas ornaments, but since they’re heart-shaped, I’m pretending they’re Valentine’s decorations for the moment!

I drew a basic shape freehand on the felt heart.

Then I embroidered using a yellow silk thread plus green thread for the base.

I added glass beads for some extra sparkle.

They’re looking rather pretty hanging from one of my windows. Later on this year they’ll be hanging on the Christmas tree! 2 in 1 🙂

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DIY Heart-shaped wreath

This flowery wreath adds a bit of springtime to the Valentine’s celebration.

I started with a heart-shaped foundation made out of metallic wire(you can buy ready-made, or make your own just by twisting together wires).

Then I added lots of flowers and leaves from old candle rings and bits of odd flowers I’ve picked up here and there.

A pink bird topped it all off.

Flowery and springtime:y, and heart-shaped. And so easy and fun to do!



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Happy Things

I’m so proud I got the orchid to bloom once again! It bloomed from april to december, and now it has got new buds! (The secret to getting your indoors plants to bloom – torture! Don’t water them until it’s absolutely necessary – this will make the plants think they need to propagate and make seeds i.e. flower)

A new game we all enjoy. Playing instruments with the family. Sometimes we have The Bahne family band going in the living room!

Tulips from a friend who wanted me to have a bit of springtime this time of year!

And my paper roses made out of old book pages!

Have a happy Thursday, everyone!


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DIY Paper Love Birds

A flock of pretty birds are flying through our house these days.

I made the birds out of silver colored paper. They each carry a glittery heart in their beaks.

After cutting out the bird, I made decorative holes in the wings using a hole punch.

I also made three birds out of more colorful paper. They fit perfectly on the small window of my study.

The silver love birds whirl and twirl as you walk by.

And the glittery hearts add just the right amount of spark! Love birds, sending messages of love to everyone in need.

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This is paradise, no matter the weather

I miss my happy place!

I haven’t been able to go for my long walks in nature for a while, and boy do I miss it!

You just can’t help but become relaxed when you walk in such surroundings!

I mean, there’s lots to say about having a pretty home, or even just a room of your own. But nothing compares to nature! 

I think I would miss the water if I lived somewhere a long way from the coast or the lakes. We are truly lucky us who get to live in ”the land of a thousand lakes”!


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