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Crochet braids – one very happy customer!

I don’t know how we managed so long without crochet braids, but I’m so grateful we finally found them, and found out how to use them! First I made some very sloppy, easy cornrows. I tied them together in the neck, used some black thread and a sewing needle.

Then I crocheted the loose braids into place. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube about how to proceed. It was supereasy, and took just about no time.

A very happy boy who thinks his Mom is the best at doing hair 😀 !

(it’s easy when you’re doing crochet braids!)


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Chocolate fondue – a healthy dessert

We eat mainly Pegan (paleo + vegan), i.e. homemade food made from scratch, mostly greens and vegetables, but sometimes we still want something sweet. And what do you know, we already had the perfect utensils at home for the perfect dessert – chocolate fondue!

Everyone can enjoy just as much fruit and berries as they want, and those who want to dip them in dark chocolate can do just that. Those who want to completely steer clear of artificial sugar can just skip the chocolate – fruits and berries are delicious as is!

A really easy, healthy and still social dessert perfect for both ordinary weekends and parties. So yes, it is different to not eat that much sweets and unhealthy desserts and dinners – the social situation can change, but you can work around that small obstacle – fruit as a dessert is just as delicious and as social as any cake buffet!


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Mezzaluna – great for chopping just about anything!

When we went to Ireland we looked around everywhere for salads and greens, and it wasn’t easy for me who’s allergic to a lot of pesticides, and not only need to eat a lot of greens – I also need to eat organic fruit. But finally in Dublin we happened upon Chopped – a chain of restaurants that make really nice chopped salads.

You picked your greens, you picked your other ingredients like goat’s cheese and walnuts – my favorite! The cook then put everything on a large chopping board and chopped everything together using a Mezzaluna, one of these half-moon knives. Finally the cook put everything in a large bowl and mixed it together with a vinaigrette. It was delicious, and a brilliant concept!

I googled a kitchen store in Dublin (The Kitchen Whisk), and went and bought a really nice Mezzaluna for ourselves. Now we have chopped salads almost every day! We chop chop chop everything – cheese, broccoli, greens, veggies – and the salads are ready in no time, and taste so good! All because of this simple utensil that I hadn’t even thought about using before… I love traveling and finding new inspiration in this way!


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Harvest time

August-September is always really busy at our house. It’s harvest season, when everything sort of ripens at the same time and needs to be frozen, dried, harvested and eaten. It feels really luxurious to be able to feed your family with produce from your own garden!

The tomatoes in the small green house are trying to escape – we kind of need to renew this green house, I think!

I eat a pear every day. They’re really small, and delicious.

And look – grapes! Real grapes, picked in our own garden, growing behind our guest house.

Our own little piece of heaven!


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Walking barefooted

Our bodies are not meant to be confined in any way, said my friend in May. Our bodies are not made for furniture, for restrictive clothing – they’re made to be free. And yes, she was so right about that! I didn’t immediately go and chuck out all our furniture (although I do tend to sit on the floor more now than before), but I did start walking barefooted everywhere. And it is so liberating!

Just like my back is thanking me for getting rid of my bras (I’m a 80E European size, so I kind of have a pair of large melons – and still my back feels much better now 3 years without a bra!), my feet are thrilled with me walking barefooted!

There are so many benefits:

  • I get to use muscles I didn’t even knew I had! My feet are so happy!
  • along with happy feet, my legs are also happier, and my whole body as a result! I can feel everything shifting and feeling more natural now.
  • that feeling of well-being that my feet get from walking outside surges through my whole body, and definitely has a positive effect on my sleep
  • I get to relive memories from being small and running around barefooted during the summers – it feels so nice to walk on pine needles on a soft wood path, to step in mud, to walk through puddles or in the waves at the beach!
  • the temperature regulation is amazing! I had no idea so much of what you feel in your body regarding heat/cold is because of your feet, but now I definitely do! I don’t need to wear as much clothes when I walk barefooted as when I wear socks and shoes, and artificially let my feet think it’s another temperature than it really is. If I feel cold I put on a sweater or a jacket – I don’t need to wear socks (not yet, at least)
  • walking outside barefooted is mindfulness. You can’t walk outside and not be aware of what you’re stepping on, what the ground feels like, where you are. That is really relaxing and a great benefit.
  • no blisters! And I don’t need to wear special soles – my feet have both healed themselves from whatever injury I used to have. It feels amazing! I’ve been wearing special soles for the last 16 years, but no more!

The main drawback is people staring and commenting. I expect that will get worse as temperatures drop! I don’t know yet how long I will be able to walk barefooted, if my body has adjusted itself enough so I can still walk while it’s zero degrees outside. We’ll just have to see!

But already so many people are commenting.

I think it’s like when we moved here with a big bike (a Kangaroo) – people stared and had questions, but after a while people were used to seeing us with the bike and other people actually got big bikes like ours as well, so they stopped asking questions. I think going barefooted will be the same – right now about half the people who comment seem to know something about the benefits to walking barefoot, and have themselves toyed with the idea of doing it.

I also walk much differently now that I walk barefooted all the time.  There isn’t this artificial inclination to step heel first – instead I step toes first, heel after.

But what about stepping on glass? Aren’t you afraid you’ll hurt yourself?

I was at first, but then when I started walking barefooted I noticed that there isn’t that many sharp objects lying around on the ground most of the time. And also, because of the propensity to walk toes first, I get a sense of something sharp much earlier because of the toes hitting the ground first, and can adjust accordingly. Plus as the soles of my feet adjust, they sort of get thicker (more leathery) – if something sharp pierces the soles, it usually doesn’t do much damage or even hurt at all.

When you walk heel first your whole body gets a sort of jolt by the power of the motion, but when you walk toes first it is much gentler on the whole body. You also walk more quietly and can see much more wildlife as a result.

Don’t your feet stink?

Actually, no! They stink less now that I walk barefooted all the time, than when I use socks. I get a natural exfoliation every time I walk outdoors. My soles are kind of like thick leather, and they feel much healthier now than they used to.

Don’t you hurt yourself more easily without the protection of shoes?

Yes, and no. I did at the start forget to watch my step sometimes (mainly because I wore glasses that didn’t allow me to see well close by on the ground) so I accidentally stubbed my toe on a plank when walking a trail and broke my toe. But here’s the thing – yes, it hurt something fierce to break the toe, but the toe immediately started healing! I think the circulation in my toes is much better now, so if I hurt them they also heal faster. And when my muscles get stronger, they will provide additional protection.

I.e. you should watch where you’re walking, and take care to wear proper glasses!

I love my feet, and my feet love me!

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The summer garlands

I just removed our summer garlands – and almost summer along with them! At least it feels a bit chillier, but I don’t mind – as long as we still can enjoy being outside, it’s all good.

The summer garlands are made out of old pieces of fabric – linens, table cloths and what have you, that I cut and sewed together using bias tape.

I hang them out at about Midsummer’s just to get a little bit of extra summery feeling. Sometimes our Midsummer’s can be rather bleak affairs, but hanging up a bunch of garlands that sort of look like white laundry out drying always gives it that extra nostalgia kick.

I love making up my own traditions in this way!


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